On a recent trip to Vietnam we spent our time visiting hosts, and bumping into Workawayers working on the different projects there. One host particularly caught our eye.

Based in the village of Taphin close to Sapa in Northern Vietnam, this host was trying to support his local village by providing English classes to the local children. We arrived to find the villagers full of happiness and eager to meet and talk to us and we were impressed by how content they seemed living on so little.

The English classroom was an outhouse of a family home resembling more of an animal housing than a classroom for children (Take a look at the pictures). It was very clear that these people needed more help than just volunteers occasionally coming to teach what they could.

Overwhelmed with inspiration about how these kids came to the class completely voluntarily... determined, happy and motivated that they were having the opportunity to meet and be taught by native English speaking volunteers. There and then we decided that Workaway could do its part in helping these kids and this host. By providing a better environment for the education of the village children and their future.

Stunning view of Sapa’s cascading rice terraces
Home to Red Dzao people
Home to Red Dzao people II
Welcoming local villagers at the main street in Ta Phin
The temporary Workaway office in Ta Phin
The simple homestay bedroom and kitchen for Workawayers at this village school
 the volunteer helping to teach English to the local kids

Why Vietnam?

Why Sapa/ Taphin Village?

The host:

Workaway Foundation/ How we can help:

We intend to:

So far we have been able to help:

Rent a new location for the children to take classes.
Buy better tables and chairs for the classes.
Buy a new computer that the school and students use.
Furnish a new room for volunteers to stay in.
Buy cooking equipment.
Buy teaching materials.